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Oren E, Möller K, Scerri S, Handschuh S, Sintek M.  2006.  What are Semantic Annotations?
Thai VT, Rouille P-Y, Handschuh S.  2010.  Visual Abstraction and Ordering in Faceted Browsing of Text Collections.
Leger A, Akkermans H, Brown M, Bouladoux J-M, Dieng R, Ding Y, Gomez-Perez A, Handschuh S, Hegarty A, Persidis A et al..  2002.  Successful Scenarios for Ontology-based Applications.
Stanoevska-Slabeva K, Handschuh S, Hombrecher A.  1998.  Q-Vocabulary Browser User Interface.
Handschuh S.  2001.  Ontoplugins – a flexible component framework.
Sintek M, van Elst L, Scerri S, Handschuh S.  2007.  Nepomuk Representational Language Specification.
Scerri S, Sintek M, van Elst L, Handschuh S.  2007.  NEPOMUK Annotation Ontology Specification.
Stanoevska-Slabeva K, Handschuh S, Hombrecher A.  1997.  Evaluation and Comparison of CORBA and DCOM for the Realization of Integrated Planning Documents..
Groza T, Handschuh S, Hulpus I.  2009.  A document engineering approach to automatic extraction of shallow metadata from scientific publications.
Handschuh S.  1997.  Die Rekonstruktion von relationalen Datenbanken mit dem Q-Kalkül aufgezeigt an einem Beispiel aus dem Tourismus..
Reif G, Groza T, Handschuh S, Jazayeri M, Mesnage. C.  2007.  D6.2a - Intermediate NEPOMUK Architecture..
Avrithis Y, Bloehdorn S, Dumortier J, Handschuh S, Heinecke J, Kompatsiaris Y, Minelli SH, Petridis K, Staab S, Stauder J et al..  2004.  D4.1 Report on aceMedia Semantic Structures and Application Domain Ontologies.
Novacek V, Huang Z, Artale A, Foo N, Franconi E, Meyer T, d'Aquin M, Lieber J, Napoli A, Flouris G et al..  2007.  D2.3.9 Theoretical Aspects for Ontology Lifecycle..
Novacek V, Laera L, Handschuh S, Zemanek J, Völkel M, Bendaoud R, Hacene M R, Toussaint Y, Delecroix B, Napoli A.  2007.  D2.3.8v2 Report and Prototype of Dynamics in the Ontology Lifecycle..
Novacek V, Handschuh S, Maynard D, Laera L, Kruk S R, Völkel M, Groza T, Tamma V.  2006.  D2.3.8v1 Report and Prototype of Dynamics in the Ontology Lifecycle..
Staab S, Maedche A, Handschuh S.  2001.  Creating Metadata for the Semantic Web: An Annotation Framework and the Human Factor.
Groza T, Grimnes G AA, Handschuh S.  2010.  Automatic Extraction of Semantic Metadata from Scientific Publications.
Journal Article
Thai VT, Rouille P-Y, Handschuh S.  2011.  Visual Abstraction and Ordering in Faceted Browsing of Text Collections.. In ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (ACM TIST) (In Press).
Volz R, Handschuh S, Staab S, Stojanovic L, Stojanovic N.  2004.  Unveiling the hidden bride: deep annotation for mapping and migrating legacy data to the Semantic Web. Journal of Web Semantics. 1:187-206.
Davis B, Dantuluri P, Handschuh S, Cunningham H.  2010.  Towards Controlled Natural Language for Semantic Annotation.. Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems. 6(4):64-91.
Uren V, Cimiano P, Iria J I, Handschuh S, Vargas-Vera M, Motta E, Ciravegna F.  2006.  Semantic Annotation for Knowledge Management: Requirements and a Survey of the State of the Art. Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web. :14-28.
Handschuh S, Staab S, Ciravegna F.  2002.  S-CREAM – Semi-automatic CREAtion of Metadata. Expert Update, Special Issue - Intelligent Services for The Knowledge Lifecycle. :20-31.
Petridis K, Bloehdorn S, Saathoff C, Simou N, Dasiopoulou S, Tzouvaras V, Handschuh S, Avrithis Y, Kompatsiaris Y, Staab S.  2006.  Knowledge Representation and Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Content. IEE Proceedings on Vision Image and Signal Processing - Special issue on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology.
Tabatabai A, Panchanathan S, Smith JR, Yasuda H, Handschuh S.  2003.  Introduction to the special issue on conceptual and dynamical aspects of multimedia content description. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn.. 13:1-4.
Kim H L, Scerri S, Passant A, Breslin J, Handschuh S, Decker S, Kim H G.  2011.  Integrating Tagging into the Web of Data: Overview and Combination of Existing Tag Ontologies.. Journal of Internet Technology.
Novacek V, Laera L, Handschuh S, Davis B.  2008.  Infrastructure for Dynamic Knowledge Integration – Automated Biomedical Ontology Extension Using Textual Resources.. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 41
Groza T, Grimnes G AA, Handschuh S, Decker S.  In Press.  From Raw Publications to Linked Data. Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) journal..
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2009.  Eye of the tiger.. Technology Ireland Journal. 39:30-33.
Handschuh S, Staab S.  2003.  CREAM - Creating Metadata for the Semantic Web. Computer Networks. 42:579-598.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2010.  CORAAL – Dive into Publications, Bathe in the Knowledge.. In Journal of Web Semantics. 8:176-181.
Handschuh S, Schmid B, Stanoevska-Slabeva K.  1997.  The Concept of Mediating Electronic Product Catalogues. Electronic Markets. 7
Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2010.  Capturing Rhetoric and Argumentation Aspects within Scientific Publications. Journal of Data Semantics. XV
Agarwal S, Handschuh S, Staab S.  2004.  Annotation, composition and invocation of semantic web services. Journal of Web Semantics. 2:31-48.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Breslin J, Decker S.  2009.  An Abstract Framework for Modeling Argumentation in Virtual Communities.. International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking (IJVCSN). 1


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