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Novacek V, Laera L, Handschuh S, Davis B.  2008.  Infrastructure for Dynamic Knowledge Integration – Automated Biomedical Ontology Extension Using Textual Resources.. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 41
Thai VT, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2008.  IVEA: An Information Visualization Tool for Personalized Exploratory Document Collection Analysis. Proceedings of the 5th European Semantic Web Conference.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Möller K, Decker S.  2008.  KonneX-SALT: First Steps towards a Semantic Claim Federation Infrastructure. Proceedings of the 5th European Semantic Web Conference.
Davis B, Handschuh S, Troussov A, Judge J, Sogrin M.  2008.  Linguistically Light Lexical Extensions for Ontologies. Proceedings of the 6th International conference of Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Marrakech, Morocco.
Scerri S, Davis B, Handschuh S.  2008.  The path towards Semantic Email: Summary and Outlook.. Proceedings of the Enhanced Messaging Workshop.
Davis B, Iqbal A, Funk A, Tablan V, Bontcheva K, Cunningham H, Handschuh S.  2008.  RoundTrip Ontology Authoring. Proceedings of the Sixth International Semantic Web Conference, (ISWC), Karlsruhe Germany.
Scerri S, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2008.  Semantic Email as a communication medium for the Social Semantic Desktop. Proceedings of the 5th European Semantic Web Conference.
Thai VT, Davis B, O'Riain S, O'Sullivan D, Handschuh S.  2008.  Semantically Enhanced Passage Retrieval for Business Analysis Activity.. Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2008).
Bernardi A, Decker S, van Elst L, Grimnes G AA, Groza T, Handschuh S, Jazayeri M, Mesnage C, Möller K, Reif G et al..  2008.  The Social Semantic Desktop – A New Paradigm Towards Deploying the Semantic Web on the Desktop. Semantic Web Engineering in the Knowledge Society.
Thai VT, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2008.  Tight Coupling of Personal Interests with Multi-dimensional Visualization for Exploration and Analysis of Text Collections.. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV08), IEEE Computer Society.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Breslin J, Decker S.  2009.  An Abstract Framework for Modeling Argumentation in Virtual Communities.. International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking (IJVCSN). 1
Davis B, Varma P, Handschuh S, Dragan L, Cunningham H.  2009.  Controlled Natural Language for Semantic Annotation.. ESWC. 5554:816-820.
Davis B, Varma P, Handschuh S, Dragan L, Cunningham H.  2009.  Controlled Natural Language for Semantic Annotation. Pre-Proceedings of the Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL 2009).
Dragan L, Möller K, Handschuh S, Ambrus O, Trueg S.  2009.  Converging Web and Desktop Data with Konduit. Proceedings of 5th Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop at ESWC 2009.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2009.  CORAAL - Towards Deep Exploitation of Textual Resources in Life Sciences. Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2009).
Davis B, Dantuluri P, Dragan L, Handschuh S, Cunningham H.  2009.  On Designing Controlled Natural Languages for Semantic Annotation.. CNL. 5972:187-205.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Hulpus I.  2009.  A document engineering approach to automatic extraction of shallow metadata from scientific publications.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2009.  Eye of the tiger.. Technology Ireland Journal. 39:30-33.
Thai VT, Handschuh S.  2009.  IVEA: toward a personalized visual interface for exploring text collections.. IUI. :479-480.
Eiter T, Franconi E, Gutierrez C, Handschuh S, Rousset M-C, Schmidt R, Tessaris S.  2009.  Reasoning Web. Semantic Technologies for Information Systems. 5th International Summer School 2009, Brixen-Bressanone, Italy.. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 5689:357.
Thai VT, Handschuh S.  2009.  Reordered TileBars for Visual Text Exploration.. Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST 2009).
Groza T, Dragan L, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2009.  sClippy: Connecting Personal Information and Linked Open Data. Proceedings of the 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2009).
Scerri S, Giurgiu I, Davis B, Handschuh S.  2009.  Semanta - Semantic Email in Action.. ESWC. 5554:883-887.
Scerri S, Davis B, Handschuh S, Hauswirth M.  2009.  Semanta - Semantic Email Made Easy.. ESWC. 5554:36-50.
Scerri S, Davis B, Handschuh S.  2009.  Semanta - Supporting Email Workflows in Business Processes. Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC 09).
Dragan L, Handschuh S.  2009.  Semantic Context Menus in KDE. Proceedings of Akademy 2009, co-located with the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh. S.  2009.  Semantic Search Engine for Oncological Literature: Technical Architecture and User Perspectives. Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Computer-based Medical Systems (CBMS 2009).
Dragan L, Handschuh S.  2009.  SemNotes -- Note-taking on the Semantic Desktop. In Proceedings of the 6th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2009) (poster session).
Groza T, Handschuh S, Clark T, Shum S B, de Waard A.  2009.  A Short Survey of Discourse Representation Models.. Proceedings of the Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse Workshop.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2009.  System Description: Reaching Deeper into the Life Science Bibliome with CORAAL. Proceedings of the Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse Workshop.
Sintek M, Handschuh S, Scerri S, van Elst L.  2009.  Technologies for the Social Semantic Desktop.. Reasoning Web. 5689:222-254.
Ambrus O, Möller K, Handschuh S.  2009.  Towards Ontology Matching for Intelligent Gadgets. Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on User-generated Services (UGS2009).
Handschuh S, Heath T, Thai VT.  2009.  Visual interfaces to the social and the semantic web (VISSW 2009).. IUI. :499-500.
Groza T, Grimnes G AA, Handschuh S.  2010.  Automatic Extraction of Semantic Metadata from Scientific Publications.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2010.  Capturing Rhetoric and Argumentation Aspects within Scientific Publications. Journal of Data Semantics. XV
Scerri S, Gossen G, Davis B, Handschuh S.  2010.  Classifying Action Items for Semantic Email.. LREC.
[Anonymous].  2010.  Collective Intelligence in Semantic Web and Social Networks (CISWSN 2010)..
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S, Decker S.  2010.  CORAAL – Dive into Publications, Bathe in the Knowledge.. In Journal of Web Semantics. 8:176-181.
Thai VT, Handschuh S.  2010.  Enhanced navigation and focus on TileBars with barycenter heuristic-based reordering.. AVI. :349-352.
Dragan L, Passant A, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2010.  From Personal Notes to Linked Social Media. Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium: Linked Data Meets Artificial Intelligence. AAAI.
Ambrus O, Möller K, Handschuh S.  2010.  Konduit VQB: a Visual Query Builder for SPARQL on the Social Semantic Desktop.. Proceedings of the Workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web (VISSW 2010).
Möller K, Hausenblas M, Cyganiak R, Grimnes G AA.  2010.  Learning from Linked Open Data Usage: Patterns & Metrics. Proceedings of the WebSci10: Extending the Frontiers of Society On-Line.
Dragan L, Passant A, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2010.  Linking Semantic Personal Notes.. Proceedings of the Workshop on Knowledge Injection into and Extraction from Linked Data (KIELD). Workshop at EKAW..
Dragan L, Passant A, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2010.  Publishing Semantic Personal Notes as Linked Data.. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management.
Scerri S, Gossen G, Handschuh S.  2010.  Supporting Digital Collaborative Work through Semantic Technology.. Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing, Valencia, Spain..
Abela C, Staff C, Handschuh S.  2010.  Task-Based User Modelling for Knowledge Work Support.. UMAP. 6075:419-422.
Groza T, Handschuh S, Bordea G.  2010.  Towards automatic extraction of epistemic items from scientific publications.. Proceedings of the 25th ACM Symposium On Applied Computing - The Semantic Web and its Application Track. :1341-1348.
Davis B, Dantuluri P, Handschuh S, Cunningham H.  2010.  Towards Controlled Natural Language for Semantic Annotation.. Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems. 6(4):64-91.
Novacek V, Groza T, Handschuh S.  2010.  Towards Knowledge-Based Life Science Publication Repositories.. Semantic e-Science.
Dantuluri P, Davis B, Handschuh S.  2010.  A Use Case for Controlled Languages as Interfaces to Semantic Web Applications.. LREC.


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