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Converging Web and Desktop Data with Konduit

TitleConverging Web and Desktop Data with Konduit
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDragan L, Möller K, Handschuh S, Ambrus O, Trueg S
Conference NameProceedings of 5th Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web Workshop at ESWC 2009
Keywords2009 mypub smilegroup workshop semanticdesktop

In this paper we present Konduit, a desktop-based platform for visual scripting with RDF data. Based on the idea of the semantic desktop, non-technical users can create, manipulate and mash-up RDF data with Konduit, and thus generate simple applications or work?ows, which are aimed to simplify their everyday work by automating repetitive tasks. The platform allows to combine data from both web and desktop and integrate it with existing desktop functionality, thus bringing us closer to a convergence of Web and desktop.


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